Four Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in January

Do you need inspiration for New Year’s resolutions? Add the following must-do’s in January to your list to start 2020 well!

Yay, the yearly Hotelnacht is back! During this weekend, ‘Amsterdammers’ have the opportunity to discover hotels in their hometown. Not only the locals can have fun, anyone with a ticket is able to enjoy the events. See the website for details. At Pulitzer Amsterdam, the focus is on chocolate (isn’t it always?!), with a chocolicious three-course dinner and a chocotastic party in Pulitzer’s Bar, both in collaboration with Lindt. Excited? Check the events:

Pulitzer Amsterdam door het Lindt: https://www.facebook.com/events/526239654893533/
Pulitzer Amsterdam x Lindt | chocolicious diner: https://www.facebook.com/events/470567260262726/

When: 18-19 January
Where: Hotels in Amsterdam

National Tulip Day
With the Dutch being the largest producers and exporters of tulips, a National Tulip Day is inevitable! Dam Square will be more colorful than ever as this year’s theme is World of Colors. Find around 200.000 tulips in the middle of the city and fill a bag with tulips to take home – for free! What is your favorite color? Click here for more information.

When: 18 January
Where: Dam Square

Chinese New Year
Why celebrate New Year’s only once per year when you can do it twice? The Chinese New Year celebrations can be found all around the world and guarantee spectacular fireworks, dance parades, and mouth-watering Asian food. Luckily, you can find all of this in Amsterdam as well. For more information, visit their website. Guo Nian Hao!

When: 25 January
Where: Dam Square and around Nieuwmarkt and Zeedijk

Impro Amsterdam
The festival IMPRO Amsterdam is all about improvised theater. With all performances being made up on the spot, every night is a surprise. Enjoy a wide variety of shows ranging from drama to humor by performers from all around the world.  Would you rather be in the spotlight yourself? Join the open stage or give it a try during one of the workshops! Click here for more information and tickets.

When: 25 January – 1 February
Where: Compagnie Theater