3 x spending the weekend at home

Spending time at home

What are your plans for the weekend?” It’s the question that arises every Friday and to which your standard answer probably includes going out with friends, visiting family, going on a little trip or having dinner at your favorite restaurant. But what do you do when these activities are currently on pause? We are here to share some tips on how to spend the weekend at home.

  1. Master the Kitchen
    While at home, you might as well go all out in the kitchen. Surprise your family with a homemade cake or surf the internet for dishes you have never heard of and try them out. Now is also the time to try out one of grandma’s beloved meals yourself and to gather your family’s traditional recipes for a cookbook. Eager to bring a little bit of Pulitzer to your own kitchen? Click on the links below to find out how you can recreate our favorite Pulitzer recipes at home!

    Pulitzer Tosti
    Pause Pancakes 
    Pause Poke Bowl

  2. Time for Me
    Now that your continuous way of life is on hold, it’s time to reconsider what you love and hate about it. Recharge the battery of your brain with the Pulitzer Meditation Sessions or read that book you never seemed to have the time for. Another way to give yourself an extra boost is to give your home a reset by rearranging the furniture. Welcome the positive vibes!
  3. Exploit the Internet
    We all know how tempting it is to spend your free hours at home watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram. Before you realize, Netflix is asking you if you’re still watching or you are looking at your best friend’s brother’s neighbor’s girlfriend’s Instagram page. Embrace the other possibilities of technology and listen to one of the many podcasts available or read interesting online articles you normally don’t have time for. Fed up with spending time on your own? Virtually meet up with friends in a video call and play games with apps such as Houseparty.

Photo by: @thetravelingpear