5 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in February

1. The weather outside is frightful… But there is plenty to do indoor

February is the coldest time of the year to spend in Amsterdam. Luckily Amsterdam offers plenty of indoor activities which offer a perfect retreat from this freezing and windy weather. All the main museums are open, plus February is the last month to enjoy some wonderful exhibitions such as the Govert Flinck & Ferdinand Bol exhibition which is being held in four key locations across the city; the Amsterdam Museum, the Rembrandt House Museum, the Royal Palace and Museum van Loon. Make sure to plan your visit before the exhibition ends on February 18th.

2. The city is yours!

The price to pay for being such a popular destination is having thousands of visitors flooding the city streets. However, in February Amsterdam is not as busy as the other months and you will be able to contemplate its wonderful scenery in peace and quiet, skip the long waiting lines at museums and score a reservation at your favorite restaurant.

3. It’s Valentine’s

There is no doubt that Amsterdam is a perfect location for a lovers’ getaway. Canal tours, cozy restaurants, romantic themed plays/movies, horses & carriage or just stroll through the old cobblestoned streets… In our opinion, everything you need for a memorable stay with your loved one.

4. Winter Food

Dutch food is another clever way to make up for the chilly weather. Visit any Dutch market and you will smell our famous “stroopwafels” (syrup waffles) long before you actually see them being made. Or try our traditional Dutch “Boerenkool”, a dish consisting of mashed potatoes mixed with kale and sausage.

5. Music, Celebrations and Parties

Even in February, Amsterdam offers a lot for festival and music enthusiasts, like Wonderland festival (house/techno), Sonic Acts Academy (art&experimental music), Pleinvrees on tour (house) and House Dance Forever (hip-hop dance battle). In addition, on the 16th of February, the colorful celebrations for the Chinese New Year will take place with traditional dances and fireworks on and around Nieuwmarkt in the center of Amsterdam.



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