Amsterdam by boat

Curious to see the capital from a different perspective? Amsterdam offers approximately 100km of canals and is thereby worldwide one of the cities with the most water and sometimes even referred to as the “Venice of the North”.


The history of Amsterdam is intimately connected with the waterways. The position of the city and the waters ensured that Amsterdam developed into a hub of trade. Now part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, the canals are filled with boats of all sorts and kinds and of all shapes and sizes.

Canal Tours

Ask anyone and they’ll probably tell you that the best way to discover Amsterdam is by boat. There are several options for an organized canal cruise and various operators, such as the Amsterdam Boat Center. From a history focused canal ride to a pancake boat, there’s a perfect ride for everyone. They usually take around an hour and cruise by all of the city’s major sights.

For the sailors among you, why not rent your own boat and get lost in one of the 165 canals? This gives you the opportunity to create your own route and dock the boat near your favorite terrace..

Pulitzer’s Unique Vessels

Staying at the Pulitzer? Then you’re in luck. The hotel’s unique vessels “Tourist” and “Belle” are available and perfectly suitable for group & private tours. For more information: