The Amsterdam Pride returns

One of the biggest and most extravagant festivities awaits Amsterdam; The Amsterdam Pride, formerly known as the Gay Pride. Making its way into the capital city from July 29th till August 6th, the grandest pride of Europe is likely to amaze every visitor. Pulitzer’s Bar’s terrace guarantees you a front-row seat during the famous Canal Parade.

For two full weeks, Amsterdam turns into the European gay capital, making a statement for equal rights of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersexual community. Started out in 1996, its festivities have become an integral part of the city. With over 350.000 visitors a year and more than 170 events, The Amsterdam Pride has turned the city into the ‘Gay Capital’ of Europe.

Expect streets to turn pink, canals to be packed and a list of activities not to be missed. The spectacle offers events varying from dance parties and sporting activities to film festivals and cultural highlights. Wander through the streets and take part in events like the Stiletto Sprint and the Handbag Toss during the Drag Queen Olympics. But remember: looks always matter.

The Canal Parade Amsterdam

No expense is spared, and love will be celebrated outrageously. The Canal Parade on August 5th fills up the canals with large decorated boats, people celebrating in the prettiest costumes and music spilling into every corner. All this revelry is best to experience just along the canals. And that’s where Pulitzer’s Bar comes in. Its brand-new terrace offers an exclusive outside bar and a splendid view of the actual happening.

Pulitzer Amsterdam

To top it all off, hotel guests of Pulitzer Amsterdam enjoy a spot on the VIP scaffolding to look out over the canal festivities. Located in the heart of the historic canal district, Pulitzer Amsterdam is an intricate maze of 25 connecting Golden Age Canal houses. Each room and suite is unique and part of the exceptional heritage.