Become a Pulitzer’s Bar bartender for one night (or more) – The Conductor

Pulitzer's Bar Cocktail The Conductor

A visit to your favorite hotel bar has to wait, but who thought shaking and stirring a drink in your own kitchen almost lives up to it? Take the stage as a Pulitzer’s Bar bartender tonight and make one of the signature cocktails at home.

The current menu is inspired on Agatha Christie’s best-known crime novel, Murder on the Orient Express. Each drink carries the name of one of the characters and the ingredients and taste notes reflect the characteristics from the novel in the drink.

One of the suspects on the menu is The Conductor, crispy with bitter tones. Master this aromatic drink with the following recipe: an easy way to impress your partner in crime.

Ingredients The Conductor

  • Hendrick’s Gin Orbium                 30ML
  • Campari                                          15ML
  • Extra Dry Vermouth                       15ML
  • Muyu Chinotto Nero                      10ML
  • Orange Bitters                                1 dash

Let’s get started!

Build all ingredients in a short glass with ice cubes. Stir a little and garnish with citrus zest.


Pulitzer’s Bar

Keizersgracht 234

Pulitzer’s Bar