Quench your thirst with our best Summery cocktails

The chilly days lie behind us, hurrah! But where to taste simply sensational cocktails this summer? The Pulitzer’s Bar proudly announces its new addition: the waterside terrace. The perfect hangout for delicate refreshers while enjoying the bustle of the city.

A fine selection of our molecular summer cocktails

The Pulitzer’s Bar team studied long to discover its favorite spirits and to create mixes from the seventh heaven. Developed especially for this year’s summer, the following four wickedly adventurous low alcohol cocktails, certainly cannot be skipped:

  • Paloma
    If you’re looking for something that’s a little different yet just as refreshing as the Margarita, the Paloma stands its ground. The perfect long drink for summer, capsulizing the finest tequila, a dash of lime, some grapefruit soda, and complex salt.
  • Americano
    Italian cocktail books hold more than 50 different recipes for the Americano. One story says it was initially named Milano-Torino, based on the provenience of its core ingredients, Vermouth di Torino and Campari from Milan. This low alcohol Aperitivo style of drink brings together a sweet and bitter flavor profile with the addition of soda water for length and mouthfeel.
  • Negroni
    Started as an augmented Americano, the story goes that Count Camillo Negroni asked one of his favorite bartenders to create a stronger version of the Americano. Upon this request, the bartender simply added Gin to his Americano recipe. The exact recipe is up to now still a mystery.
  • Morroni
    Pulitzer’s Bar twist on the regular Negroni brings together a more complex base, in this case, a split base of Venezuelan Rum and Mezcal to enforce the chocolate notes and add slight smokiness. Two styles of amaros act as prime modifiers to replace Campari and Vermouth. This will add a notch of sweetness and a slight bitterness compared to the original recipe. To finish off, Hellfire Bitters will complete the flavor spectrum with the addition of piquancy.

Pulitzer’s Bar

The glamor of long lost times enters the modern day at the Pulitzer’s Bar, capturing the accessible elegance of old-school hotel bars in a monumental Amsterdam building with its own entrance at the Keizersgracht. One could easily flee the bustle of the city, yet overlook its signature canals, in one of the comfortable armchairs or talk the night away at the impressive Art Deco-style bar.


Pulitzer's Bar Terrace Launch Party from Pulitzer Amsterdam on Vimeo.