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Our Concierge team loves nothing more than bringing you a little closer to the Amsterdam they love. Make the most out of their knowledge; they have the best insider tips to help you discover the Amsterdam that most guests miss. Sitting at home and not sharing their knowledge isn’t their favorite thing to do, so we gave them a platform.

First up, Dominique! Oh boy, how she loves facts, insides, and details. During the Pulitzer History Tour, she satisfies your appetite with all the goods and glory from the Golden Age till now.

History lover or not, Dominique has shared some facts that are an interesting read for everyone.

Did you know that:

1. A few famous paintings used to hang in an art gallery of the owner of the Saxenburg House in our garden in the year 1798?

Pieter van Winter, successful businessman and art collector, built an art gallery in his garden to both entertain and impress his guests. He possessed around 180 paintings of which a few of them you might know: Rembrandt’s Marten & Oopjen and Het Straatje by Vermeer. Both can now be admired at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

2. You can easily spot the difference between a private residence and a warehouse in the Golden Age?

Residential homes had large windows on the first floor so the owner ‘s wealth would be on display for all to see and admire whereas warehouses had much smaller windows with wooden shutters to protect the goods from the weather.

In addition, residences always had steps leading up to the front door and warehouses normally had a large wide door for their horse-carriages which they used for transferring their merchandise.

Now it is your turn! Can you point out which of the 25 canal houses of Pulitzer Amsterdam are warehouses and which ones are residential houses?

3. There are still two wooden houses left in Amsterdam?

Houses in Amsterdam used to be made from wood. After the great fires in 1421 and 1452, the city required that all houses should be built with bricks. Luckily for us, there are two wooden houses left to admire: at the Begijnhof and Zeedijk.

4. There used to be a small flowing water-fountain near the Garden Room?

When the hotel built the Garden Room in the eighties, all in art deco style, they added a beautiful flowing water fountain by the entrance-door.

Unfortunately, they received a lot of complaints from the people who held their meetings there. Apparently, the sound of dripping water caused too many toilet-breaks… ; )

5. A few very rich and, in their time, famous people owned the Saxenburg House? And that they had a few famous visitors?

Walk in the footsteps of John Adams, the second president of the USA, William Lee, American diplomat during the Revolutionary War and Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch painter.

If you are getting hungry for more, do not forget to drop by when Pulitzer opens again to say hi to Dominique… or join the tour!

Concierge Tours
How many bridges there are in Amsterdam? How many nationalities live in Amsterdam? How many small hidden courtyards there are in Amsterdam? How orange became the Dutch national color? What is the story behind the Jordaan neighborhood?

All the answers to these questions and more are shared on two tours that the Concierge team have put together for our guests: Concierge Walking Tour and Pulitzer History Tour.

Rijksmuseum Nachtwachtzaal

Travelling all the way to Amsterdam to see your favorite museums has to wait. No worries! You can now admire Amsterdam’s finest art from the comfort of your own home, digitally. Why is this even better, you may wonder? No lines in front of the museums, all the art just for yourself and you can enjoy the art with a snack for a change. 😉

Let us guide you through four of Amsterdam’s well-known museums.

  1. Anne Frank Museum

On a stone’s throw distance of Pulitzer Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House is situated. Now, the Anne Frank Museum is close to you too – on your phone, tablet or computer to be exact. Learn more about the Jewish girl that hid in 1942 from the Nazis during the occupation of the Netherlands, her diary and the Secret Annex with the virtual tour of the Anne Frank Museum.

  1. Van Gogh Museum

The virtual Van Gogh Museum offers something for everyone! There’s a lot to (digitally) do for children, art lovers and the curious. Get to know not only Vincent his art work, but also read about personal stories, and his relationship with friends and family. It is a fun, interactive and educational way to get to know the post-Impressionist painter whose work was notable for its beauty, emotion and color.

  1. Moco Museum

Pink, funky and modern art with a wink is what can describe Moco best. This boutique museum showcases inspiring modern and contemporary art. Virtually wander around pieces of the mysterious Banksy, contemporary Andy Warhol or colorful Jean-Michel Busquiat. The Moco Museum shared a video for you to enjoy their exhibitions at home!

  1. Rijksmuseum

This museum shows worldwide known master pieces from Amsterdam’s Golden Age to recent artistic innovations. Digitally stroll through the Rijksmuseum along The Milkmaid, Marten en Oopjen or The Night’s Watch. Take all the time you want to indulge in 80 galleries with 8,000 objects that tell the story of 800 years of Dutch art and history.

Wondering what’s on the list of to-dos in Amsterdam for upcoming month? Let us fill you in! From food and drinks to activity and art, March offers a little bit for everyone.

Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes
Oh Crêpe! No plans for the 20th of March yet? No worries! This date being the National Pancake Day of The Netherlands is the best excuse to have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Will you go for the Dutch, thin “pannenkoeken” or would you rather choose the fluffy American ones? Start your day with delicious buttermilk pancakes at Jansz. and, with the all-day breakfast at Pause at Pulitzer, enjoy more pancakes in the afternoon!

When: 20 March
Where: Pause at Pulitzer and Jansz.

CineDans FEST
Dancing is something that is enjoyed by many; some prefer the spotlights while others rather stay behind closed doors. As a form of art and genre, dance on screen is celebrated at the CineDans festival. Admire the international dance films and documentaries or get inspired by several presentations. Rather try the movements yourself? They also present a variety of interactive installations, VR projects, debates and workshops! Have a look on their website for more information and tickets.

When: 25-29 March
Where: Eye Amsterdam

Amsterdam Cocktail Week
Cocktail-lovers this one is for you! From the 16th until the 22nd of March, you have the opportunity to visit Amsterdam’s finest bars during the Amsterdam Cocktail Week. With 45 participating bars, you can easily fill up your week. Each bar will create at least two signature cocktails: an alcoholic and non-alcoholic one. At Pulitzer’s Bar, you can have an extraordinary experience, as you will choose your drink based on scent. Ready to stir up your senses? Click here for more information.

When: 16-22 March
Where: Participating bars in Amsterdam

International Women Day
On International Women’s Day, the social, economical, cultural and political achievements of women are celebrated globally. This year’s theme is #EachforEqual, aligned with the UN Women’s campaign for generation equality. On the 7th and 8th of March, the Mama Cash Feminist Festival will take place in Amsterdam, with every aspect of the event produced and executed by women. See their website for more information and tickets. Let’s all be each for equal!

When: 7-8 March
Where: Radio Radio & Stedelijk Museum

Sometimes a staycation is the best vacation. Take a break from the day-to-day responsibilities and relax in your own city, home country, or don’t leave the house at all. The staycation is on the rise, so let us fill you in on the benefits and insights of this trend.

The staycation trend enlarges your holiday possibilities, as the perfect little getaway might be closer than you think. You don’t have to leave your home country to have a well-deserved and relaxing trip. Nowadays, it is easy to hop on a plane and explore an unknown destination, but have you fully discovered your own country yet? Often, it has more to offer and see than you realize, creating the possibility to increase your knowledge about the place you call home.

Spending your holiday at home might not sound as exciting as last year’s exotic destination, but you can easily create that holiday feeling at home. To not fall back to the daily routine, the staycation requires a plan. Maybe you want to try that touristy activity in your hometown you never did before, finally finish that book on your bedside table or spend more time with your family. Make your vacation extra special and go all out at the supermarket, turn your bathroom into a retreat with your favorite toiletries and pamper yourself!

Staycation in Amsterdam
Living in The Netherlands? Recharge your batteries and plan a staycation in Amsterdam. The unique hotspots in different parts of the city, fun activities, plenty events, and vibrant atmosphere ensure your trip becomes a true holiday. Plan your staycation at Pulitzer Amsterdam before the 29th of February 2020 and receive a special staycation discount as an inhabitant of The Netherlands. Send an e-mail to or call to +31 20 5235235 to book your staycation.

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Looking for places to go in February? Look no further! We have created a list with the most exciting to-do’s. Spoiler alert: this month’s edition is especially interesting for those who love food. Well, who doesn’t?!

Japanese Winter Festival
Enjoy wintry activities and authentic delicacies at this Japanese Light & Food event. Try your favorite bites at the Japanese food hall or take a seat at the sushi bar to discover the latest creations. After having satisfied the appetite, it’s time to participate in the winter games, go ice skating or enjoy the shiny cherry blossoms. Who would you like to share your sushi with? Click here for more information and tickets.

 When: 28 February – 1 March
Where: DOK Amsterdam

Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam
On the 14th of February, it’s time for the flirtiest and most charming day of the year: Valentine’s Day. Make it one to remember: enjoy the city lights during a walk passed the canals and finish your evening at Sjansz.: a special Valentine’s dinner with a personal poem from a live poet, catchy Sjansz. one-liners, and a shared dessert. You can book a table via the website. Bring on the love!

 When: 14 February
Where: restaurant Jansz.

Chocoa Sustainable Chocolate Festival
This festival is a must-go for all chocolate lovers. Considering the rich taste and feeling of pure happiness when eating a piece, it’s probably everyone. At the festival, you can try 700 types of chocolate, learn more about the process from bean to bar, and discover exciting food and drink pairings. Furthermore, the organizations’ ambition for sustainable chocolate is represented. Want to read more or book tickets? Choc it out on their website.

When: 19 – 23 February
Where: Beurs van Berlage

Little Italy Taste & Travel
You don’t have to leave Amsterdam to experience a bit of Italy during the Little Italy Taste & Travel event. Learn how to make the perfect pasta during one of the cooking workshops or discover the authentic, culinary products on the Italian food market. It’s also wine-lovers’ paradise, as the finest wines from the different regions are presented. Interested? Have a look at the website for more information and tickets.

When: 7 – 9 February
Where: Zuiveringshal at the Westergasterrein



Do you need inspiration for New Year’s resolutions? Add the following must-do’s in January to your list to start 2020 well!

Yay, the yearly Hotelnacht is back! During this weekend, ‘Amsterdammers’ have the opportunity to discover hotels in their hometown. Not only the locals can have fun, anyone with a ticket is able to enjoy the events. See the website for details. At Pulitzer Amsterdam, the focus is on chocolate (isn’t it always?!), with a chocolicious three-course dinner and a chocotastic party in Pulitzer’s Bar, both in collaboration with Lindt. Excited? Check the events:

Pulitzer Amsterdam door het Lindt:
Pulitzer Amsterdam x Lindt | chocolicious diner:

When: 18-19 January
Where: Hotels in Amsterdam

National Tulip Day
With the Dutch being the largest producers and exporters of tulips, a National Tulip Day is inevitable! Dam Square will be more colorful than ever as this year’s theme is World of Colors. Find around 200.000 tulips in the middle of the city and fill a bag with tulips to take home – for free! What is your favorite color? Click here for more information.

When: 18 January
Where: Dam Square

Chinese New Year
Why celebrate New Year’s only once per year when you can do it twice? The Chinese New Year celebrations can be found all around the world and guarantee spectacular fireworks, dance parades, and mouth-watering Asian food. Luckily, you can find all of this in Amsterdam as well. For more information, visit their website. Guo Nian Hao!

When: 25 January
Where: Dam Square and around Nieuwmarkt and Zeedijk

Impro Amsterdam
The festival IMPRO Amsterdam is all about improvised theater. With all performances being made up on the spot, every night is a surprise. Enjoy a wide variety of shows ranging from drama to humor by performers from all around the world.  Would you rather be in the spotlight yourself? Join the open stage or give it a try during one of the workshops! Click here for more information and tickets.

When: 25 January – 1 February
Where: Compagnie Theater

December, the most magical time of the year! Create wonderful memories by visiting the following happenings in Amsterdam this month:

Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs
Find yourself in a true winter wonderland! The event is everything you can imagine it to be: from ice skating to après-ski and a Ferris wheel. You can even admire the one and only Coca-Cola Christmas Truck! Furthermore, magician Dion can’t wait to show you all his magic and illusions at the Magic Winter Theater. Find out all activities and more information here.

When: In and around Amsterdam RAI.
Where: December 21 – January 5

This winter, Museum Square will not only attract the crowd for its iconic museums! ICE*Amsterdam offers the unique chance to ice skate with the idyllic setting of the beautiful Rijksmuseum building. If you’d rather watch the spectacle from outside the rink, you can stroll around the market stalls or warm yourself up with a hot chocolate in Brasserie Winter! See their website for the details.

When: November 16 – February 2
Where: Museum Square

Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt
Avoid the crowded streets in the city center and go to this lovely in- and outdoor Christmas market to find the perfect Christmas gift.Besides the market stalls, you can go ice-skating, play board games or take the stage at the Christmas karaoke! Tip: bring your own mug for some glühwein or hot chocolate! This popular all ages event is worth a visit. Click here to see their website.

When: December 20-23
Where: Westergasfabriek

New Year’s Eve
For a banging start of the new year, visit the fireworks show at the Kop van Java, with the spectacular view of the VOC-shop and the Maritime museum. Don’t miss out on the traditional Dutch delicacy the ‘oliebol’. For the most festive celebrations, visit the Nieuwmarkt or Rembrandt square to party until the morning comes. Click here for all new year’s parties in town. Happy new year!

When: December 31
Where: All over Amsterdam

Photo by: Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt.

New month, new events! To save you some time, we made a selection for your trip to Amsterdam this month:

Museum Night

Every first Saturday of November, Amsterdam’s finest museums open their doors for this special event. See Amsterdam’s museums in a new light – after the sun sets! One ticket can get you into over 50 museums, until 02:00 am. Experience exhibitions in another setting: live music, DJ’s, food, drinks, special events and other surprises. Find out about the participating museums and how to get tickets on the website.

When: November 2
Where: Several museums in Amsterdam

Westergasjes Wednesday
Families be aware! Every Wednesday the whole (former) Westergasfactory will be turned into a children’s paradise. Kids can enjoy an all day pancake party, icecream, music, creative workshops, a movie or other entertainment. Let your children run wild on the terrain while you enjoy a drink on the terrace. Some activities include an entry ticket so make sure to check their website for more information!

When: November 6,13,20,27
Where: Westergasfabriek

Amsterdam Art Weekend
Amaze yourself during a weekend filled with art! Amsterdam’s liberal climate inspires artists from all over the world to experiment and push boundaries. Discover exclusive contemporary art items as well as work by (upcoming) talent. More than 100 events in 50+ locations in the city are hosted. Events are organised by Foam, the Oude Kerk, the Stedelijk Museum, EYE Filmmuseum and more. Find out the details on the website.

When: November 21-24
Where: Foam, the Oude Kerk, the Stedelijk Museum, EYE Filmmuseum and many more.

Amsterdam Light Festival
This festival includes about 30 artworks that are exhibited throughout the city. This year’s theme is: Disrupt! A ‘disruption’, questions fixed assumptions, provokes new discussions, encourages to take action in order to move forward. Artists, designers and architects were challenged to question, test and shake up Amsterdam in alignment with the theme. Find the route and more information here. At Pulitzer, we offer a specliazed guided boat tour that takes you along the highlights of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Please find more information on our website.

When: November 28 – January 19, 2020
Where: Several locations in Amsterdam

Photo by Tracey Emin.

Not the person to sit and watch the leaves turn colourful? Here is a list to work down during your Amsterdam getaway in October:

Exhibition ‘Rembrandt-Velázquez’
This month, the best work of Dutch and Spanish masters from the 17th century will be exposed at the Rijksmuseum. The exhibition is mainly about beauty, emotion, religion and realism. Paintings from Velázquez, Rembrandt, Murillo, Vermeer, Zurbarán, Hals en Ribera come together for the first time thanks to the unique collaboration of the Museo del Prado in Madrid and the Rijksmuseum. Reserve your date and time slot here or take a look at the website for more info.

When: October 11 – January 19, 2020
Where: Rijksmuseum

TCS Amsterdam Marathon
Ready, set, run! This annual event will host around 45.000 runners from over 120 countries. You can choose to run 8KM, 21KM or the whole marathon which is 42KM. The course includes the scenery of the Amstel river, several windmills, the Vondelpark, stately Amsterdam mansions and the city centre. Would you like to join? Make sure to enrol before the end of September! Find out more about the TCS Amsterdam Marathon on their website.

When: October 20
Where: In- and around Amsterdam

Amsterdam Dance Event
Dance your way through Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)! This event is known for being the leading conference and festival for electronic music. The program is split up in four music genres: Around the World, Drum and Bass, Live and Techno. Find your perfect show here or visit the website for more information.

When: October 16-20
Where: Several locations

24H Amsterdam
Experience the best of the city during 24H Amsterdam! This edition will show you the east side of the city. Theatres, museums, churches, stores, bars, hotels and clubs open their doors ready to surprise you. This is a unique chance to see all what this neighbourhood has to offer in only 24 hours. Find out more on this website. To get you warmed up, here is an after movie of last year.

When: 26 October
Where: Amsterdam Oost

Make it a September to remember by visiting one of the following events in Amsterdam:

Jordaan Festival
For everyone who is in Amsterdam for the full Dutch experience, you can’t miss out on the Jordaan Festival. Visit Dutch folk music performances in brown cafés in the neighborhood where it all started: The Jordaan, a stone’s throw away from Pulitzer Amsterdam! Back in the days, the working class marked this area and the Dutch folk music tells the story of their lives with a smile and a tear. On the website you can find more information about this street festival.

When: September 6-9
Where: Jordaan Area and DeLaMar theatre.

Dutch Theatre Festival
The top 11 Dutch theatre productions of last year will entertain you throughout the city, this month. Experience drama as performers compete for the theatre awards. Alongside the Dutch Theatre festival runs the Amsterdam Fringe Festival with cutting-edge productions on diverse locations. Several performances include English subtitles and you will find visual acts that are aimed at a young audience. For the schedule and the full program, click here.

When: September 5-15
Where: Various locations

Amsterdam Wine Festival
Wine flies when you are having fun! Take a trip around the Northern Hemisphere with over 300 open wines originated from Europe, North Africa, The Middle East and North America. Make your own wine and stamp the grapes or get competitive in a wine quiz! Enrich your knowledge by taking a masterclass, swing to the best tunes and enjoy delicious bites from top chefs. Do we need to say more? Get your tickets here.

When: September 27-29
Where: Westergasfabriek

Amsterdam City Swim & Dam Run
Sport enthusiasts be aware: two of Amsterdam’s most iconic sports events are taking place this month. The Amsterdam City Swim is a 2000-meter course through Amsterdam’s canal belt. Participants of the City Swim are on a mission to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Foundation. The second event is the Dam Run, a 16K running event from Zaandam to Amsterdam with a unique passage through the IJtunnel. There are different distances to run and a kids run! Furthermore, a variety of walks are organized and several cycling routes ranging from 40 to 145 KM. Join in or find more info on their website.

When: September 8 & September 21-22
Where: Amsterdam Canals & Zaandam-Amsterdam


Photo: Amsterdam Wine Festival