Most of us define a night in a five-star hotel bed as the ultimate sleep experience. A bed so comfy, you do not want to get out of it. So, what is the secret? The truth is, it is not just the sheets or the mattress. Each layer of these hotel beds is bigger, softer, and more memorable. If you want to create this magical night of sleep at home, keep on reading.

Oversize the bed
The first thing that stands out in luxury hotel rooms is the bed. Poof, there it is, a super king-size bed with an extra thick mattress of 30 cm or even more. On top of these mattresses, you will find a super-soft featherbed as an extra layer of cushioning comfort. The duvet is extra wide and to complete the experience there is an astounding number of pillows for an ultra-sumptuous result.

Curious on the Pulitzer Bed? Take a look at Pulitzer’s Online Shop and get yourself the entire Pulitzer Bed by DOUXE for the ultimate experience (or just a few items to complete a good night of sleep).

Why sleep when you can float
Did you ever hear someone say, “this bed is too fluffy”? A high-quality mattress in your hotel room is essential for a good night of sleep, but even the best mattresses can be upgraded. To make your sleeping experience even more memorable, a featherbed can be added as the cherry on top of a dessert and will create the authentic hotel bed experience.

Heavenly white crispy sheets
Nothing feels more like a hotel room than freshly washed cotton sheets, made up by housekeeping with perfection, leaving you a little turn-down sweet. This is so easy to re-create in your own bedroom. Treat yourself with 100% cotton sheets with a percale weave and high thread count which create the crispy, soft, and subtle feel.

If you aim for the moon, go for the heavenly white Pulitzer Egyptian Cotton sheets by DOUXE. The satin weave creates a silky-smooth feel that oozes five-star luxury.

Fluffy down
For that ultra-plush, truly heavenly hotel bed feel, it is all about an extra fluffy down duvet. 100% down duvets are airy and light but keep you comfortably warm. Look for an insert that is 2 inches wider and longer than your duvet cover for an ultra-luxurious result.

The Pillow Menu please
Less is more, but not for pillows. Your hotel bed will be equipped with two to four down pillows, two fiber pillows, and two body or reading pillows for plenty of options. But it doesn’t stop there. Hotel pillows are wider, with 90cm or even 100cm being the standard. These pillows do not only look better, they are more luxurious as they cover the entire width of the bed.

Finish off in style and choose for the eclectic yellow Pulitzer plaid, the beautiful scented Le Labo 33 candle, or the fluffy Pulitzer slippers.

DOUXE Hotel Luxury is the place where everyone can re-create that five-star hotel luxury at home with genuine care and personalized advice for the ultimate comfort and night of sleep.



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Photo: Booty Club

Your weekly gym routine might not be the same due to all the gyms being temporarily closed. There’s no need to stress about that because many sport clubs and fitness instructors have got you covered with creative alternatives for you to stay fit, while staying at home.

Find our favorite Amsterdam fitness picks below.

    A combination of (high-intensity) exercises that focus on the glute muscles make this workout a unique blend of activity which will make you sweat and give you a peach-shaped bum. If you’re lucky, June and her trainers might also add some exercises that work the abs for the ultimate burn. No equipment necessary. If you happen to have a resistance band, do use it to get the glutes fired up.

    Three days per week. Usually Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

    Live Insta story and IGTV.

  2. @rowenaida
    Expect a great variety between strength, cardio, and stability training. With different focusses on the upper body, lower body, and glutes. She’ll also throw in a guided meditation every now and then. Rowen’s enthusiasm and motivational lines make sure you sweat, burn and most of all enjoy all her classes. Every next-day schedule is released the evening prior. She does classes every day of the week; a true fitness inspiration.

    Varies every day and every week. Just check out Rowen’s Instagram for her latest timetable.

    Live Insta story.

  3. PLTS
    PLTS is a household name in Amsterdam. This workout, loved by models, tones and sculpts your body by using a special Pilates machine. This is not something you have at home, so the boutique studio has created home workouts where all you need is your body and a towel. Sliders (or cardboard) and low-weight dumbbells (or water bottle) are optional. The workouts leave you just as fulfilled as your normal PLTS class would do.

    Daily new workouts released at 10AM CET.


  4. High Studios
    This high-intensity interval training makes you sweaty and strong. The normal workout takes place in one of High Studios’ boutique gyms and makes use of a treadmill, box, and weights. Their training on YouTube and Spotify are adjusted so you can feel the same high without training in the studios. Different trainers will take you through various strength and cardio exercises. Muscle strain is guaranteed the next day.

    Always available online.

    YouTube (home workouts)
    Spotify (outside workouts, do keep your distance)

  5. Saints & Stars
    Luxury gym Saints & Stars has come up with alternative ways to stay fit while being quarantined. You can expect uplifting music paired with killer workout moves. The enthusiasm of the trainers will make sure you complete each set; it almost feels like they’re in your living room coaching you through the session. Sweat, burn and fun is what you’ll go through.

    Every day at 10AM CET.

    Live Insta story and IGTV.

  6. Equal Yoga
    Equal Yoga enables you to take your practice home. The studio known for their classes in hot temperatures, enables you to practice the same strength and flexibility movements without equipment. The teachers will guide you through the sequence with ques on breathwork as well, movements are suitable for beginner and advanced yogis.

    Every day at 10AM CET.

    Live Insta story

Spending time at home

What are your plans for the weekend?” It’s the question that arises every Friday and to which your standard answer probably includes going out with friends, visiting family, going on a little trip or having dinner at your favorite restaurant. But what do you do when these activities are currently on pause? We are here to share some tips on how to spend the weekend at home.

  1. Master the Kitchen
    While at home, you might as well go all out in the kitchen. Surprise your family with a homemade cake or surf the internet for dishes you have never heard of and try them out. Now is also the time to try out one of grandma’s beloved meals yourself and to gather your family’s traditional recipes for a cookbook. Eager to bring a little bit of Pulitzer to your own kitchen? Click on the links below to find out how you can recreate our favorite Pulitzer recipes at home!

    Pulitzer Tosti
    Pause Pancakes 
    Pause Poke Bowl

  2. Time for Me
    Now that your continuous way of life is on hold, it’s time to reconsider what you love and hate about it. Recharge the battery of your brain with the Pulitzer Meditation Sessions or read that book you never seemed to have the time for. Another way to give yourself an extra boost is to give your home a reset by rearranging the furniture. Welcome the positive vibes!
  3. Exploit the Internet
    We all know how tempting it is to spend your free hours at home watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram. Before you realize, Netflix is asking you if you’re still watching or you are looking at your best friend’s brother’s neighbor’s girlfriend’s Instagram page. Embrace the other possibilities of technology and listen to one of the many podcasts available or read interesting online articles you normally don’t have time for. Fed up with spending time on your own? Virtually meet up with friends in a video call and play games with apps such as Houseparty.

Photo by: @thetravelingpear

Sometimes a staycation is the best vacation. Take a break from the day-to-day responsibilities and relax in your own city, home country, or don’t leave the house at all. The staycation is on the rise, so let us fill you in on the benefits and insights of this trend.

The staycation trend enlarges your holiday possibilities, as the perfect little getaway might be closer than you think. You don’t have to leave your home country to have a well-deserved and relaxing trip. Nowadays, it is easy to hop on a plane and explore an unknown destination, but have you fully discovered your own country yet? Often, it has more to offer and see than you realize, creating the possibility to increase your knowledge about the place you call home.

Spending your holiday at home might not sound as exciting as last year’s exotic destination, but you can easily create that holiday feeling at home. To not fall back to the daily routine, the staycation requires a plan. Maybe you want to try that touristy activity in your hometown you never did before, finally finish that book on your bedside table or spend more time with your family. Make your vacation extra special and go all out at the supermarket, turn your bathroom into a retreat with your favorite toiletries and pamper yourself!

Staycation in Amsterdam
Living in The Netherlands? Recharge your batteries and plan a staycation in Amsterdam. The unique hotspots in different parts of the city, fun activities, plenty events, and vibrant atmosphere ensure your trip becomes a true holiday. Plan your staycation at Pulitzer Amsterdam before the 29th of February 2020 and receive a special staycation discount as an inhabitant of The Netherlands. Send an e-mail to or call to +31 20 5235235 to book your staycation.

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One hotel, 25 canal houses, 50 years, infinite stories… Pulitzer celebrates its 50th birthday this year! From the former residents of the Golden-Age-era houses to the opening of Hotel Pulitzer in 1970 and the transformation of the hotel in 2016, the history of Pulitzer is as captivating as ever. Of course, will celebrate the festive year with many activities.

Pulitzer’s History
The 25 historical canal houses date back to the 17th and 18th century, all with a rich history and its own story to tell. The founder of the hotel, Peter Pulitzer, bought the first ten houses in 1968. “The house of your neighbor is for sale only once” being his motto, resulted in an expansion throughout the years. In 1970, Hotel Pulitzer officially opened its doors for guests and, from this moment on, the hotel welcomed over four million guests from all around the world. Ten years ago, the Amsterdam Canal district was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, including the part where the hotel is located.

Home away from home
From the first guest checking in 50 years ago until now, the main goal of the hotel has remained the same: giving guests that “home away from home” feeling while staying in one of the unique canal houses. In 2015, an intensive renovation and re-styling of the 400-year old canal houses took place and, after 1,5 years, Pulitzer Amsterdam reopened its doors as the independent hotel it is today. The new design reflects the history and characteristics of each canal house individually.

The year 2020 will totally be in the light of the 50th birthday of Pulitzer Amsterdam; from a special edition of the yearly Garden Party to the revelation of the Peter Pulitzer Statue. The theme for the celebration year is “Stories To Stay”, putting the focus on stories from the former residents, visitors, and hotel guests from the past 50 years. Celebrate with us and have a look at the 50 Years website to discover 50 reasons to visit Pulitzer Amsterdam and the exclusive celebration package. Of course, as it’s our birthday, we treat! We give away 50 overnight stays at Pulitzer Amsterdam on Instagram and a cocktail in Pulitzer’s Bar for everyone turning 50 in the hotel’s birthday month: October.

With Christmas just around the corner, festive decorations are giving every interior and exterior an extra sparkle. The one thing that can’t be missed during this month is the green, white or colored Christmas Tree that will light everybody up!

Even in 2018 the Christmas Tree trends vary in every perspective; Go bold or go home – use warm accents, be creative or stick to tradition – when creating your perfect Christmas Tree, there is no specific trend to follow, find the decoration that suits you and your living.

Speaking about decorations; this year, Pulitzer collaborated with the biggest department store in the Netherlands named de Bijenkorf. The result, you ask? An 11-meter-tall Christmas Tree that emphasizes this year’s theme – “Make Classic Fantastic”.

While overlooking the Pulitzer Christmas Tree this cozy December month, warm yourself and your beloved ones up at the Pulitzer Winter Garden. Relish with hot chocolate decorated with mini marshmallows and enjoy the sparkles during day and nighttime.