From a ready-to-go office lunch to preparing lunch in your own kitchen.

Making your own midday meal will take some getting used to for most people who stay at home, but now you have the opportunity to try out some new recipes. You’ll become an experienced home cook before you know it.

Just hop by the (Asian) supermarket and you’ll be able to bring Pause to your own plate. We’ve asked the chef for the ingredients and instructions of the Pause Poke Bowl with salmon and have listed it down below.

Not a fan of the pink fish? You can also replace the salmon for tuna sashimi, grilled chicken or tofu.

Ingredients Bowl

  • Salmon Sashimi          100gr
  • Sushi Rice                    90gr
  • Soybeans                     40gr
  • Wakame                       40gr
  • Julienne Carrots         20gr
  • Bean Sprouts               10gr
  • Pickled Ginger             5gr
  • Cilantro                         2gr
  • Mirin                              10ml
  • Soy Dressing                 10ml
  • Avocado                         1/2

Ingredients Soy Dressing:

  • Sesame Oil                      5gr
  • Soy Sauce                       4gr
  • Chili Oil                            0.5gr
  • Sushi Vinegar                  0.5gr
  • Roasted Garlic Clove     1/2

Method of preparation: Cook the sushi rice accordingly and mix it with the mirin. In a separate bowl, mix the bean sprouts, cilantro and julienne carrots. Crush the garlic and mix all the ingredients of the soy dressing. When preparing the poke bowl, start with the sushi rice and add the soybeans, wakame, avocado, pickled ginger and carrot salad one by one, finish off by putting the salmon sashimi in the middle. Lastly, sprinkle the soy dressing on top of the greens.

Bon appétit!

Pause at Pulitzer

Prinsengracht 323

Pause at Pulitzer

The Governess Cocktail

Get ready to stir things up and become a Pulitzer’s Bar bartender for one evening.

A visit to Pulitzer’s Bar will have to be postponed to a later time in the year. If you can’t visit the bar, bring the bar to you, right?

Try making one of the signature cocktails yourself and who knows, you might even improve your mixology skills so much that you’ll be the next guest bartender in Pulitzer’s Bar.

The current menu is inspired on Agatha Christie’s best-known crime novel, Murder on the Orient Express. Each drink carries the name of one of the characters, and the ingredients as well as the taste notes reflect the characteristics of the novel characters in the drink.

Take The Governess for example. A delicious drink that can be defined as light, refreshing, citrusy and dry. Make this iconic cocktail at home and you’ll definitely impress your partner or flatmate.

Ingredients The Governess

  • Porter’s Tropical Old Tom or a different Gin*                                                40ML
  • Lemon Juice                                                                                                       30ML
  • White Grapefruit Tea Oleo or Monin Red Grapfruit Syrup                           15ML
  • Fever-Tree Soda                                                                                                 50ML
  • Fever-Tree Tonic                                                                                                50ML

Build all ingredients in a long drink glass with ice cubes and top off with Fever-Tree Soda and Fever-Tree Tonic. Stir a little and garnish with citrus powder.

*Switch Porter’s Tropical Old Tom for 40ml Everleaf for a boozeless version.


Pulitzer’s Bar

Keizersgracht 234

Pulitzer’s Bar

Kids in Pulitzer Suite

Schools are closed, sport clubs can’t be visited, and it is not encouraged to go to the parcs and playgrounds, what to do!? We believe that this is the moment to enjoy some actual, quality family time. We are sharing five ideas on what to do with kids in your own home, hotel inspired. Let’s make it suite!

1. Cooking with kids
Cooking boring? Not at all! Kids are easily entertained, and cooking is a good way to do so. To make the cooking experience even better, we shared a recipe that your little ones, and yourself, will love for sure; Pause Pancakes. Say ‘pancakes’ once and your kids will run towards the kitchen, getting ready to be a real chef. Extra tip: create a chef’s hat for your kids, for example out of old newspapers. Oh, and be aware: the kitchen is going to be a mess! Sorry not sorry.

2. Create your own Kids Treasure Hunt
Who doesn’t love to discover, right? What about creating your own Kids Treasure Hunt! Make an easy version for the younger ones with your own-drawn map of the house where a cross shows the location of the hidden treasure. Or design a more advanced hunt: hide letters on a few places around the house. Together, the letters will make a word that is the location of the hidden treasure. Check out Pulitzer’s Kids Treasure Hunt for inspiration.

3. Family workout
At Pulitzer, we believe that exercising makes you feel better. And, especially since you are spending most of your time at home, a good workout will get you energized. So, why not exercise together! Working out with your whole family is becoming a hot topic more and more. We’ve collected three of our favorite family workouts, for you and your kids to do at home. Put on your sporty outfit, create space in the living room and get ready to sweat!


Alo Yoga


4. Family’s Got Talent
Do you have a secret talent? Now is the time to take the stage and shine! Dancing, singing, painting or comedy, set up a talent show for the whole family. Spend a little bit of time on the preparations, dress up and decide on who will be the host. Get creative and make a stage out of something you can find in the house: wood, blankets or even the sofa. Laughter guaranteed!

5. Play ‘hotelier’
Remember the time you played ‘teacher’ or ‘doctor’ when you were little? Think outside the box and play ‘hotelier’! Let your fantasy lead the way. You, as parents, can be the guests, your kids the employees. Decide on a name of the hotel, create a check-in desk and let your kids show the way to your rooms. Put on your bathrobes, order room service and go for a relaxing spa moment. If that isn’t the suite life… enjoy!

Pause Pancakes on plate

There are many reasons to love pancakes! They are truly perfect for every time of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can top it with anything, and it literally takes minutes to make.

While your favorite Garden Café Pause at Pulitzer is closed, we would like to provide you with the recipe for the Pause Pancakes, so you don’t have to miss them in the meantime.

Ingredients Pancake Mix 

  • Flour                                             500GR
  • Sugar                                            75GR
  • Corn Oil                                        150GR
  • Vanilla Syrup                                 175ML
  • Milk                                                750ML
  • Baking Powder                             35GR
  • Butter                                            35GR


  • Blueberries                                   20 pieces
  • Raspberries                                  12 pieces
  • Blackberries                                  8 pieces
  • Watercress                                    3 pieces
  • Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

Let’s start baking, step by step!

  1. Mix all the ingredients from the pancake mix, except the butter.

Fun fact: The Dutchies call a pancake ‘pannenkoek’.

  1. Heat a frying pan on middle high fire and put the butter in the pan to melt.

Fun fact: Every culture has its own way of making pancakes.

  1. When the butter is melted, put your pancake mix in the pan. Make a choice if you would like to have one big pancake or a few small ones.

Fun fact: The Guinness World Record for the most pancakes served in 8 hours by a team is 34,818.

  1. Flip the pancakes and finish cooking, until golden brown on both sides.

Fun fact: Pancakes can be made with different head ingredients, for example, banana, potato and oatmeal.

  1. Almost done: it is now time to make your pancake as pretty as you would like with all the delicious toppings.

Fun fact: The most flips anyone has ever done with a pancake is 349 flips in two minutes.

  1. Bon appétit! Share your homemade ‘Perfect Pause Pancake’ with us on Instagram with the tag and the hashtag #PerfectPausePancake

 Fun fact: The Pause Pancakes are your favorite now.


Pause at Pulitzer

Prinsengracht 323

Pause at Pulitzer

Spending time at home

What are your plans for the weekend?” It’s the question that arises every Friday and to which your standard answer probably includes going out with friends, visiting family, going on a little trip or having dinner at your favorite restaurant. But what do you do when these activities are currently on pause? We are here to share some tips on how to spend the weekend at home.

  1. Master the Kitchen
    While at home, you might as well go all out in the kitchen. Surprise your family with a homemade cake or surf the internet for dishes you have never heard of and try them out. Now is also the time to try out one of grandma’s beloved meals yourself and to gather your family’s traditional recipes for a cookbook. Eager to bring a little bit of Pulitzer to your own kitchen? Click on the links below to find out how you can recreate our favorite Pulitzer recipes at home!

    Pulitzer Tosti
    Pause Pancakes 
    Pause Poke Bowl

  2. Time for Me
    Now that your continuous way of life is on hold, it’s time to reconsider what you love and hate about it. Recharge the battery of your brain with the Pulitzer Meditation Sessions or read that book you never seemed to have the time for. Another way to give yourself an extra boost is to give your home a reset by rearranging the furniture. Welcome the positive vibes!
  3. Exploit the Internet
    We all know how tempting it is to spend your free hours at home watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram. Before you realize, Netflix is asking you if you’re still watching or you are looking at your best friend’s brother’s neighbor’s girlfriend’s Instagram page. Embrace the other possibilities of technology and listen to one of the many podcasts available or read interesting online articles you normally don’t have time for. Fed up with spending time on your own? Virtually meet up with friends in a video call and play games with apps such as Houseparty.

Photo by: @thetravelingpear

Create your own Pause moment and become a master chef for a day.

Pause is the kind of place you want to keep to yourself…. but can’t. The velvet green chairs, the relaxed atmosphere and a spacious terrace: Pulitzer Amsterdam’s well-known garden café in the centre of Amsterdam.

Now that all restaurants are temporarily closed, a visit to Pause at Pulitzer is unfortunately not possible. So, get started and bring a little bit of Pause to your own kitchen!

Surprise your partner in crime and eat your way through with the Croque Monsieur, also known as the Pulitzer Tosti: Pause’s most beloved dish. What would you need for 2 people?

Ingredients Croque Monsieur

  • Multigrain bread Vlaamsch Broodhuys      200GR
  • Ham                                                                200GR
  • Gruyère Mix                                                   140GR
  • Butter                                                             40GR

Ingredients Gruyère Mix

  • Crème Fraîche                                               125GR
  • Grated Gruyère                                             100GR
  • Mustard                                                           15GR
  • Egg Yolk                                                           10GR
  • Nutmeg                                                            4GR
  • Salt                                                                   1GR
  • Pepper                                                             0,5GR

Method of preparation: Mix all ingredients of the Gruyère Mix in a bowl. Butter the slices of bread. Prepare the sandwich by the following steps: slice of bread – Gruyère mix – ham – Gruyère mix – slice of bread. Lastly, bake the Croque Monsieur in a pan until golden on the top.

We hope to be able to welcome you again with big smiles in April and serve the beloved Pulitzer Tosti, until then, create a little Pause moment yourself at home. Bon appétit!

Pause at Pulitzer

Prinsengracht 323

Pause at Pulitzer

Wondering what’s on the list of to-dos in Amsterdam for upcoming month? Let us fill you in! From food and drinks to activity and art, March offers a little bit for everyone.

Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes
Oh Crêpe! No plans for the 20th of March yet? No worries! This date being the National Pancake Day of The Netherlands is the best excuse to have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Will you go for the Dutch, thin “pannenkoeken” or would you rather choose the fluffy American ones? Start your day with delicious buttermilk pancakes at Jansz. and, with the all-day breakfast at Pause at Pulitzer, enjoy more pancakes in the afternoon!

When: 20 March
Where: Pause at Pulitzer and Jansz.

CineDans FEST
Dancing is something that is enjoyed by many; some prefer the spotlights while others rather stay behind closed doors. As a form of art and genre, dance on screen is celebrated at the CineDans festival. Admire the international dance films and documentaries or get inspired by several presentations. Rather try the movements yourself? They also present a variety of interactive installations, VR projects, debates and workshops! Have a look on their website for more information and tickets.

When: 25-29 March
Where: Eye Amsterdam

Amsterdam Cocktail Week
Cocktail-lovers this one is for you! From the 16th until the 22nd of March, you have the opportunity to visit Amsterdam’s finest bars during the Amsterdam Cocktail Week. With 45 participating bars, you can easily fill up your week. Each bar will create at least two signature cocktails: an alcoholic and non-alcoholic one. At Pulitzer’s Bar, you can have an extraordinary experience, as you will choose your drink based on scent. Ready to stir up your senses? Click here for more information.

When: 16-22 March
Where: Participating bars in Amsterdam

International Women Day
On International Women’s Day, the social, economical, cultural and political achievements of women are celebrated globally. This year’s theme is #EachforEqual, aligned with the UN Women’s campaign for generation equality. On the 7th and 8th of March, the Mama Cash Feminist Festival will take place in Amsterdam, with every aspect of the event produced and executed by women. See their website for more information and tickets. Let’s all be each for equal!

When: 7-8 March
Where: Radio Radio & Stedelijk Museum

Sometimes a staycation is the best vacation. Take a break from the day-to-day responsibilities and relax in your own city, home country, or don’t leave the house at all. The staycation is on the rise, so let us fill you in on the benefits and insights of this trend.

The staycation trend enlarges your holiday possibilities, as the perfect little getaway might be closer than you think. You don’t have to leave your home country to have a well-deserved and relaxing trip. Nowadays, it is easy to hop on a plane and explore an unknown destination, but have you fully discovered your own country yet? Often, it has more to offer and see than you realize, creating the possibility to increase your knowledge about the place you call home.

Spending your holiday at home might not sound as exciting as last year’s exotic destination, but you can easily create that holiday feeling at home. To not fall back to the daily routine, the staycation requires a plan. Maybe you want to try that touristy activity in your hometown you never did before, finally finish that book on your bedside table or spend more time with your family. Make your vacation extra special and go all out at the supermarket, turn your bathroom into a retreat with your favorite toiletries and pamper yourself!

Staycation in Amsterdam
Living in The Netherlands? Recharge your batteries and plan a staycation in Amsterdam. The unique hotspots in different parts of the city, fun activities, plenty events, and vibrant atmosphere ensure your trip becomes a true holiday. Plan your staycation at Pulitzer Amsterdam before the 29th of February 2020 and receive a special staycation discount as an inhabitant of The Netherlands. Send an e-mail to or call to +31 20 5235235 to book your staycation.

Photo by: &C
Photography – @Valentinavos
Assistent photography – @Annenoa
Styling – @Isaageeratz
Illustration &C – @jessedonker
Make-up – @monique_brinkhorstbeeld &C
Set producer – @annefloor_roosterman
Model – @Milavanderhorst (@michamodels)

One hotel, 25 canal houses, 50 years, infinite stories… Pulitzer celebrates its 50th birthday this year! From the former residents of the Golden-Age-era houses to the opening of Hotel Pulitzer in 1970 and the transformation of the hotel in 2016, the history of Pulitzer is as captivating as ever. Of course, will celebrate the festive year with many activities.

Pulitzer’s History
The 25 historical canal houses date back to the 17th and 18th century, all with a rich history and its own story to tell. The founder of the hotel, Peter Pulitzer, bought the first ten houses in 1968. “The house of your neighbor is for sale only once” being his motto, resulted in an expansion throughout the years. In 1970, Hotel Pulitzer officially opened its doors for guests and, from this moment on, the hotel welcomed over four million guests from all around the world. Ten years ago, the Amsterdam Canal district was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, including the part where the hotel is located.

Home away from home
From the first guest checking in 50 years ago until now, the main goal of the hotel has remained the same: giving guests that “home away from home” feeling while staying in one of the unique canal houses. In 2015, an intensive renovation and re-styling of the 400-year old canal houses took place and, after 1,5 years, Pulitzer Amsterdam reopened its doors as the independent hotel it is today. The new design reflects the history and characteristics of each canal house individually.

The year 2020 will totally be in the light of the 50th birthday of Pulitzer Amsterdam; from a special edition of the yearly Garden Party to the revelation of the Peter Pulitzer Statue. The theme for the celebration year is “Stories To Stay”, putting the focus on stories from the former residents, visitors, and hotel guests from the past 50 years. Celebrate with us and have a look at the 50 Years website to discover 50 reasons to visit Pulitzer Amsterdam and the exclusive celebration package. Of course, as it’s our birthday, we treat! We give away 50 overnight stays at Pulitzer Amsterdam on Instagram and a cocktail in Pulitzer’s Bar for everyone turning 50 in the hotel’s birthday month: October.