You only really get to know a country by its food, right? The Dutch have several peculiar ways to express themselves through their cuisine. In our opinion, the following are worth to try:

The literal translation of stroopwafel is ‘syrup waffle’; a wafer cookie made from two thin layers of baked dough, joined by a caramel filling. Nowadays, the Stroopwafel has many variations. For the most colorful ones in town, visit van Wonderen Stroopwafels!

This is a type of liquorice that comes in many variations: soft, hard, chewy, sweet, sour, salty and more! It is an experience for those who never tasted it. People say Dutch drop is evil; it subtlety tricks you into a false sense of security that might even taste quite nice.

‘Hagelslag’ can be described as chocolate sprinkles. It is the perfect allowed excuse for having chocolate for breakfast or lunch as the Dutch spread it on a sandwich with butter. Did you know that approximately one million sandwiches with ‘hagelslag’ per day are eaten by the Dutch?

This is the Dutch name for herring, a small oily silvery-colored fish caught in the North Sea – famous for being a remedy for hangovers! It is eaten raw, garnished with unions; the taste is extraordinary and strong. For the best ‘haring’ in town, try the fish stand on the Westermarkt.

If anything, cheese can’t be avoided in the Netherlands. The most popular Dutch cheese is Gouda; one of the oldest recorded cheeses in the world still made today! It’s named after the city of Gouda since it is produced and historically has been traded there.

Patatje Oorlog
Literally translated as ‘War Fries’. This is a portion of French fries with mayonnaise, sate sauce and raw onions on top. The historical background is that Indonesia is a former colony of the Netherlands, mainly used for trading spices used in the sate sauce. Try the best at Frietboutique!

Kroket / Bitterballen
It is a cylindrical shaped snack, filled with meat ragout (beef) and a very crispy and crunchy layer on the outside. Bitterballen are a variation to the ‘Kroket’, small savory balls with the same filling and texture that is often shared alongside a wine or beer.

It is one of the oldest Dutch recipes that remains popular today. Stamppot recipes use mashed potatoes as a base incorporated with a vegetable. Most often: sauerkraut (stamppot zuurkool), kale (stamppot boerenkool) and endive (stamppot rauwe andijvie). It is eaten with a ‘rookworst’ as meat on the side. Try restaurant Moeders for a delicious homemade stamppot of your choice!

This is a Dutch Pea Soup; a thick soup made with split peas, plenty of vegetables and pork. Traditionally it is served on New Year’s Day, but it is also enjoyed throughout the fall and winter months. It is the ideal dish to warm up!

Photo by: Anna Rita Granata.

Are you ready for another cool collaboration? Both fabulous on their own, but put the two brands together and you have a match made in heaven! Le Labo, one of the most selective perfume brands in the world, and Pulitzer’s Bar have joined forces to create a limited-edition menu inspired by the key fragrance notes in ‘Santal 33’; cardamom, violet and leather.

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Thanksgiving – a time to disconnect from your busy life, to count all your blessings and to reconnect with your loved ones. It’s almost that time of year again!

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Whenever in Amsterdam, you would likely want to experience the charm of the Amsterdam canal belt. Within this district, you find the popular and famous ‘De negen straatjes’ area, or translated: The nine streets. The area is famous for its authentic ambiance and it is therefore popular with tourists, but mainly Amsterdammers. Cobbled streets filled with boutiques, galleries and lunch places: that’s where Jansz. comes in. A true hotspot and a go-to-place for lunch, located at Keizersgracht Canal and Reestraat: one of the nine streets.  

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Even though the next James Bond movie isn’t set for release until 2019, Bond fans don’t need to fear about waiting that long for their 007-experience. Pulitzer Amsterdam has got you covered with its James Bond Martini Week!

In celebration of Global James Bond Day on October the 5th, Pulitzer’s Bar features a James Bond Martini Week in collaboration with Sipsmith Gin. Furthermore, a ‘Live Like James Bond package’ can be booked for the weekend, giving hotel guests the unique opportunity to immerse themselves into the fascinating life of the British Secret Service Agent.

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The chilly days lie behind us, hurrah! But where to taste simply sensational cocktails this summer? The Pulitzer’s Bar proudly announces its new addition: the waterside terrace. The perfect hangout for delicate refreshers while enjoying the bustle of the city.

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Amsterdam has a lot to offer to families with children, and to eat out is a great way to discover the city. It’s easier than you might think to find a kids friendly café or restaurant, since Amsterdam is full of places where you can easily bring your kids, you just need to know where to go! We’ve compiled a small and nifty list for families looking to spend some fun time together: Read more

Amsterdam is often seen as one of the most romantic cities in the world. A Valentine’s Day in the “Venice of the North” is therefore an opportunity not to be missed. Explore the romantic canals from a classic salon boat, or wander around…

It’s a name of history, a name of the present, a name of elegant simplicity. Restaurant Jansz. opened its doors on the iconic Nine Streets. Universally loved dishes will excite and amaze, not despite of, but because of their easy-going and modest style. It’s simply beautiful. It’s beautifully simple.

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