Let’s cast off with Pulitzer’s classic salon boat

Some think the Pulitzer is more than a hotel. The real Pulitzer, as they say, begins on the jetty in front of the main entrance. There the soul of the hotel and the heart of Amsterdam come together on an exceptional luxury canal boat, Pulitzer’s classic salon boat.

When it all started

“The Tourist” was born in 1909 in the shipyards of Muiden, a picturesque fisherman’s village east of Amsterdam. Today, more than 100 years ago, the classic vessel still tours the canals of Amsterdam as if it is her first cruise.

Believe it or not: Pulitzer’s shippers take care of their boat with real love, therefore she is still in an perfect state. After various restorations, the boat seems to get more stunning by the day. An important chapter in its history was the change of the old diesel engine to a fully electric propulsion. That way we keep the canals nice, clean and silent.

The looks

The salon cruiser is resplendent with original art nouveau details and therefore a true time-capsule of polished teak and brass, marble, leather and beveled glass. There is also a gorgeous teak floor with original carpet and some exceptional wood carvings. No wonder Winston Churchill chose to tour Amsterdam of 1946 in this very same piece of maritime art.

On board

With an elegance of bygone times, the vessel is a stylish way to pass through all the magic of Amsterdam. After all, there is no better way to see this city than from the water. We sail out every day to complete your Pulitzer experience. Reserve your spot on this seafaring monument, and your captain will take care of your drinks, bites, memories and everything else.