Concierge tips for families

Our eight-headed Concierge team is well informed about all ins and outs of the city. Because of their years of experience, they are able to recommend that exact thing that you did not know you were looking for. Talking about experience: there is no better way to learn something while having fun, isn’t it? These Concierge tips will combine both!

Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo was the first zoo to be established in the Netherlands and is located in the city centre of Amsterdam. Being the home of over 750 species of animals it is a popular attraction for families. Besides animals, Artis is also the location for the Artis-Micropia museum, which focuses on the microscopic world.

Experience science and technology through an interactive and playful way in Nemo Science Museum. Unmistakable due to the green color and unusual shape, Nemo is recognizable from a considerable distance. Feel, hear and see how the world works while joining various demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions – a kids’ favorite.

Looking for a place where children can learn about history while participating in a fun activity? Visit the van Gogh Museum! Learn all about Vincent van Gogh while exploring the museum during the Treasure Hunt!

Family Itineraries
Of course, you can spend your entire day in one place, but what if you can make the most of your day while visiting all family-friendly hotspots? Pulitzer Amsterdam created Family Itineraries specially for an enjoyable day with the whole family. A predetermined program for both good and bad weather days, offering the possibility of not losing a day of your vacation. Check them out here, or ask our Concierges for details.

Family friendly restaurant recommendations
“Restaurants that kids will love, and they will love you kids.” –  Let our Concierges guide you through all the kids proof restaurants that are a must-visit for families:

If you are looking for a place to combine dinner while cruising the canals, the Pancake cruise is your perfect fit! Enjoy a two-and-a-half-hours ride where you can eat as many pancakes as you like.

Would you rather prefer an easy dinner closer to the hotel? Either Bern and Moeders will fulfill this need! Bern will provide you with Swiss cheese fondue while Moeders will let you discover the Dutch cuisine. Both on a maximum walking distance of 15 minutes.