Four reasons to visit Amsterdam

1. Charming character

If Amsterdam is your next call, then prepare for a visit to a capital with the feel of a charming village. In Amsterdam the smallest things in life are the biggest there is. The city is stuffed with picturesque squares, boutiques and cafes. The crisscross of streets, alleys and squares surprise you each turn you take. And thanks to the canals there is always a lovely bridge around the corner.

 2. Quirky vibe

Amsterdam has distinctiveness in its DNA, both citizens and visitors adore the creative vibe and embrace the peculiar character of the city. This has resulted in a unique number of theaters around the Leidse Square, a booming Museum District and a growing creative scene on the north shore. And then there are the countless summer festivals and events, with one striking highlight: Kingsday. There is not a single city in the world that hits the roof to celebrate the King’s birthday in the most spectacular way.

3. Hidden secrets

Wherever you go in Amsterdam, whatever places you decide to visit, the city will delight your imagination. You will undoubtedly feel there’s a narrative behind each façade and around every corner. The museums are packed with stories and even the smallest boutiques and galleries harbor the biggest treasures.

4. Quintessentially Dutch

The Dutch are known for their tolerant and straightforward spirit. Down to earth as they say. This has led to a cosmopolitan vibe and a strong international mindset. Amsterdam embraces its great history and rich culture with a wide open window to the world. It is the ultimate place where the finer things in life seamlessly blend with a no-nonsense mentality. Elegance with a dressed down Dutch attitude, we call it.


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