From A to Tulip

Use your ‘tu-lips’ to kiss winter goodbye. According to the Dutch, spring officially arrives when the first tulips begin to bloom. April and May are the perfect months to wander around in the colorful tulip fields or to enjoy tulip-decorated Amsterdam with our special package. But first things first, here’s some facts about the iconic Dutch flower.

The name ‘Tulip’ derived from the Turkish word for Turban. In the sixteenth century a Dutch biologist from Leiden received this special flower from a friend of Constantinople (Istanbul). He planted the flower in his garden in Leiden and that was the beginning of the astonishing tulip fields in the Netherlands.

Did you know a tulip used to be sold for the same price as a house? In the 17th century tulips were used as a trade product. Every class of the society was involved in trading the tulip bulbs, a craze called ‘tulip mania’. The same tulip bulb was sometimes traded 10 times a day. It was the foolishness of newcomers to the market that set off the crisis in February 1637.

With over 3000 different varieties of tulips, there’s one in almost every color imaginable. Did you know that various colors of tulips have a specific meaning? For example, the red tulips represent true love, purple symbolizes loyalty and when you have to make up for something, the white tulip will say sorry in your name. What’s your favorite color?

All Tulips Everything
Imagine endless fields with rainbow-colored tulips. This can come true at The Keukenhof which is a must-visit in April or May. For the full tulip experience, book the ‘All Tulips Everything’ package including a two night stay at Pulitzer Amsterdam, tickets plus a private chauffeur to the Keukenhof, an in-room flower bouquet and a tulip-inspired cocktail in Pulitzer’s Bar.

Do you want to know more about the Keukenhof or our tulip package? Feel free to contact our Concierge team, they will be more than happy to help you!