Grand Opening Pulitzer Amsterdam

The word is out. The new Pulitzer is completely open for guests as of now.

After the revelation of the Keizersgracht, we can proudly say that the renovation has been completed by now having the Prinsengracht side of the hotel also open for guests. The 17th and 18th century buildings have been restored precisely, in order to combine historical components of the canal houses with modern and luxurious features.

25 Canal Houses

Each one of the 25 unique canal houses, which make Pulitzer Amsterdam, are identified by using different wall- and carpet colors as you make your way down the corridors. This way you will know when you step into another canal house. Jacu Strauss, the creative director of the extensive restoration, was inspired by the history of the buildings and the people who may have lived in the canal houses over the past 400 years.

The Lobby

The new entrance is the first new building in the Amsterdam UNESCO world heritage zone since 2011. It hosts a florist where elegant, luxurious and simple flowers can be bought. The florist will immerse you in the Dutch culture, since flowers have always been a great part of it. “Pause” is the new lobby bar where you will find coffee, pastries, light meals, and drinks throughout the day. “Pause” also serves the outside area in the inner garden and is perfect for a morning coffee while the first sunrays stroke your skin. To the right side of the entrance in the lobby, you will find the Pulitzer Library. This literature retreat displays all the Pulitzer Prize winning books. Lose yourself in the books whilst sitting in the small seating area away from the hustle and bustle in the lobby.

The Rooms

Not two rooms in the new classic Pulitzer are exactly the same. This highlights the uniqueness of the UNESCO World Heritage buildings. The eclectic mix of furniture, finishes and design touches, celebrates the history of the buildings and will allow you to feel at home in Amsterdam and make the room your own.

Pulitzer’s Gardens

The cherry on the cake, the jewel in the Pulitzer crown, is the re-opening of the famous Pulitzer gardens between the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht wings of the hotel. The surprisingly large gardens have gotten a new park-like landscape design, which will make you want to explore every bit of it. The gardens are split into five areas, each with their own purpose and character, making it a truly unique courtyard in Amsterdam.

Get lost in the corridors. Try Andrei’s cocktail of the week. Zone out in the gardens. Discover the new Pulitzer.