Restaurant Jansz. – Simply beautiful. Beautifully simple.

It’s a name of history, a name of the present, a name of elegant simplicity. Restaurant Jansz. opened its doors on the iconic Nine Streets. Universally loved dishes will excite and amaze, not despite of, but because of their easy-going and modest style. It’s simply beautiful. It’s beautifully simple.

Jansz. is inspired by the 17th-century Dutch merchant, and former inhabitant of the building Volckert Jansz. He was known for his exquisite taste, for both food and style. Jansz. Amsterdam is an ode to Volckert Jansz and combines an easy-going elegance with modern, modest sophistication to create tomorrow’s classics.

The flavors of Jansz.

Executive chef Cassidy Hallman (Momofuku, Bouley, and Gelso&Grand) honors the simplicity of excellent produce and ingredients in a high-quality, feel-good food menu. Internationally-loved dishes such as the Reuben sandwich, bavette steak, burrata with tomato, tuna tartar, Niçoise salad, or the dover sole à la Meunière, get a humble twist. These evergreens aren’t anything new, but their execution certainly is. At Jansz., dishes that everybody knows and most have loved for years, surprise once again through their outstanding preparation; without being dressed in unnecessary frills.

The interior of Jansz.

At Jansz. a contemporary atmosphere enters a historic location in the center of The Nine Streets. This is evident in Jansz.’s entrance that honors its past history as a pharmacy with the original marble arches and the vintage apothecary bottles on display. The completely exposed theater kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. The dining space encircles the kitchen, inviting guests to have a taste of the buzzing atmosphere.

Visiting Jansz.

From early morning to late at night, Jansz. follows the course of the day, the guests and their occasions. Jansz. offers a lazy breakfast for lovers, a quick lunch for colleagues or a festive Saturday night dinner for friends. Enjoy a new old world of simple elegance.

Reestraat 8, Amsterdam
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“White marble, copper lamps and snow-white crockery. Not only the cuisine, but also the interior around you is super classy.” – Your Little Black Book

“O.M.G.! These desserts are the best! This place is totally worth a visit.” – Jan Magazine

“Restaurant Jansz. pays tribute to the famous Volkert Jansz, who embraced the finer things in life. And what a tasty tribute it is!” – Little Wanderbook