Jansz. Family Sundays at home

Jansz. Family Sundays

The perfect setting to dine with family.

The early dinner in Jansz. is all about kids and their parents, speedy service, an extensive children’s menu and carefree blissful times. Since you can’t enjoy Jansz. Family Sundays these months, we thought we would give you some pointers on how to recreate the Jansz. Family Sundays experience at home.

1. Cooking with kids

Kids are easily entertained, and cooking is a good way to do so. To make the cooking experience even better, we shared a recipe that your little ones will love: the Jansz. spaghetti with meatballs. Your children will become real chefs.

2. Ready… Set… Color

Children want to run, race, play, climb and scramble. For entertainment around the table, kids can entertain themselves with the Pulitzer coloring book (also for adults)!

3. Decorate the table

Before the early dinner can start, set the table with pink floral arrangements and let the kids decorate the garden, the balcony or the house with flowers, garlands and ribbons. Put on your favorite outfit for a special and unique Jansz. Family Sundays dinner at home.


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