The New Classic Pulitzer


April 1st 2015 marked the start of an extraordinary makeover of our humble 17th century residences. The Keizersgracht wing was first subject to a full renovation, kicking in from high up in the air when our crane reached a striking 40 meters in height. A team of diligent staff members then cleared this entire part of the hotel. The Keizersgracht buildings slowly changed into a blank canvas for Jacu Strauss and his team to establish a dazzling new hotel concept.

Revealing heritage

Building up a great new future starts with deconstructing a good old past. Unlike what the name of their profession might suggest, demolishers do not just break down walls: they reveal magnificent architecture that has been hidden for decades. These professionals create entirely new spaces and then bring light to a building’s best kept secrets. By taking out the influences of forty-five hotel years, we were given back a wing of canal houses in their purest form.

Dressing up

Next was to polish this diamond in the rough and to illuminate the beauty of the heritage that had been revealed. Slowly those jangling demolition hammers and fine clouds of dust disappeared. A certain tranquility sunk in and we no longer came across gentlemen dressed for the occasion of deconstruction.

Larger diversities of experts marched into the sumptuous canal houses every morning. We were pleased to see most of them wearing a piece of the new Pulitzer under their arms: thick marble, shiny copper and solid wood. On the place were just a mere 400 years ago the wealthiest merchants of the country parked their carriages, trucks were now squeezing in to deliver nifty furnishings for the New Classic Pulitzer.

The end of a first chapter

It goes without saying that the new rooms, meeting spaces, restaurant Jansz. and Pulitzer’s Bar have been transformed into great quirky places. It is now time to close the last bit of the good old Pulitzer and bring the new design to the Prinsengracht wing and its rooms, lobby, café and gardens. After sprucing up we’re ready for the grand opening, in fall 2016.