Nine Streets Shopping Guide

If it weren’t for the location, Pulitzer Amsterdam wouldn’t be the hotel it is today. The neighborhood is famously known for the Anne Frank museum and the Dam Square, however, less famously known for its unique clothing, jeweler and art shops. Let us guide you to the hidden gems of the quirky Nine Streets!

Joz Amsterdam
Whether you are looking for a new outfit, marvelous minimalistic jewelery, luxury lifestyle presents with a surprising twist or that one cool item, JOZ is the place to go. They wrap your catches in a beautiful JOZ Amsterdam tote and if needed with a small raincoat, because they just love cute details!

Where: Huidenstraat 26, Berenstraat 21 & 29

DR Wonen
Missing an exclusive item that will make your house a home? Take a look in the store of DR Wonen. The products vary from decorative cushions to furniture and lamps. Discover the latest design trends with their own twist. Fun fact: many of the unique pieces are designed by several Dutch designers, such as Piet Hein Eek.

Where: Hartenstraat 27

You may recognize this brand, as we collaborate with Marie-Stella-Maris-water and you can find their bottles in our hotel. One of the reason that we chose Marie-Stella-Maris for a collaboration is because they donate a significant portion of their profit to charitable projects that help people around the globe to access clean water. Marie-Stella-Maris’ store mainly centers around high-end skincare products, infused with the brand’s signature fragrances. It also includes other luxury items such as scent diffusers and photography books as well.

Where: Wolvenstraat 9

Cinq Amsterdam
In front of Jansz.’ entrance you can find a lovely store called Cinq. Step inside this fresh, light and feminine store with a sweet touch and French allure. Find a mix of clothing, jewelry, shoes, wallets and (home) accessories. Not just looking, but finding is the motto at Cinq!

Where: Reestraat 5

For the booklovers among us: let us introduce you to your new favorite store! MENDO curates on very specific topics, such as: photography, fashion, traveling, lifestyle, culinary books, interior & architecture and graphic design. Moreover MENDO is known for its unique selection of collector’s editions, which is on display in the store.

Where: Berenstraat 11

Photo: MENDO Books, Berenstraat 11,