Since 1981 the Prinsengrachtconcert has returned yearly on the doorsteps of Pulitzer Amsterdam. The magical concert takes place on August 19th, at Amsterdam’s most iconic site; the historical canals. Over 10.000 people watch the classical orchestra and artists from their windows, boats and the quays. It is truly a mesmerizing experience, listening to the sounds of the talented musicians while the sun is setting over Amsterdam.

Sophiko Simsive will start off this year’s Prinsengrachtconcert as supporting act. In 2016 she won the ‘Grachtenfestivalprijs’ which is awarded yearly to upcoming talent. Furthermore, names as Nino Gvetadze, Zoran Marković, and Marcelo Nisinman fill up the evening with outrageous creative artwork.

The Brodsky Quartet & ‘friends’, consisting of Daniel Rowland, Ian Belton, Paul Cassiday and Jacqueline Thomas, is this year’s leading act. The musicians performed all around the globe and are known for their string quartets of Beethoven, Tsikovsky, Janáček, Zemlinsky, Bartók, Shostakovich and Britten. Besides classical music, the Brodsky Quartet & ‘friends’ collaborated with pop musicians like Björk, Sting, Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello.

Visit Amsterdam on the 19th of August and experience the magical Prinsengrachtconcert. To make your stay complete, don’t forget to book a room at Pulitzer Amsterdam.