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Pulitzer Concierges – Discover Amsterdam’s History

Amsterdam Houses

Photo by: @ilove.amsterdam

Our Concierge team loves nothing more than bringing you a little closer to the Amsterdam they love. Make the most out of their knowledge; they have the best insider tips to help you discover the Amsterdam that most guests miss. Sitting at home and not sharing their knowledge isn’t their favorite thing to do, so we gave them a platform.

First up, Dominique! Oh boy, how she loves facts, insides, and details. During the Pulitzer History Tour, she satisfies your appetite with all the goods and glory from the Golden Age till now.

History lover or not, Dominique has shared some facts that are an interesting read for everyone.

Did you know that:

1. A few famous paintings used to hang in an art gallery of the owner of the Saxenburg House in our garden in the year 1798?

Pieter van Winter, successful businessman and art collector, built an art gallery in his garden to both entertain and impress his guests. He possessed around 180 paintings of which a few of them you might know: Rembrandt’s Marten & Oopjen and Het Straatje by Vermeer. Both can now be admired at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

2. You can easily spot the difference between a private residence and a warehouse in the Golden Age?

Residential homes had large windows on the first floor so the owner ‘s wealth would be on display for all to see and admire whereas warehouses had much smaller windows with wooden shutters to protect the goods from the weather.

In addition, residences always had steps leading up to the front door and warehouses normally had a large wide door for their horse-carriages which they used for transferring their merchandise.

Now it is your turn! Can you point out which of the 25 canal houses of Pulitzer Amsterdam are warehouses and which ones are residential houses?

3. There are still two wooden houses left in Amsterdam?

Houses in Amsterdam used to be made from wood. After the great fires in 1421 and 1452, the city required that all houses should be built with bricks. Luckily for us, there are two wooden houses left to admire: at the Begijnhof and Zeedijk.

4. There used to be a small flowing water-fountain near the Garden Room?

When the hotel built the Garden Room in the eighties, all in art deco style, they added a beautiful flowing water fountain by the entrance-door.

Unfortunately, they received a lot of complaints from the people who held their meetings there. Apparently, the sound of dripping water caused too many toilet-breaks… ; )

5. A few very rich and, in their time, famous people owned the Saxenburg House? And that they had a few famous visitors?

Walk in the footsteps of John Adams, the second president of the USA, William Lee, American diplomat during the Revolutionary War and Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch painter.

If you are getting hungry for more, do not forget to drop by when Pulitzer opens again to say hi to Dominique… or join the tour!

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