Pulitzer’s Bar – the modern narration of cocktail history

Pulitzer’s Bar has been hidden for years in the acclaimed Pulitzer Amsterdam, in the ‘Nine Streets’. A new chapter has begun. The renewed bar will tell a modern tale of cocktail history through a classic menu and an effortlessly elegant atmosphere. The timeless hotel bar dares guests to explore true classic drinks that have been introduced in the present day.

When a traditional drink is mentioned, one often thinks of a Daiquiri or Margarita. Nevertheless, a true doyen of bartending knows that the art of cocktail making was explored years before the invention of these modern classics of the twentieth century. In 1862, the first celebrity mixologist Jerry Thomas recorded recipes in ‘The Bar-Tender’s Guide’. Ageless bartending icons, like Thomas, created the essence of what would become the Pulitzer’s Bar more than 150 years later. Pulitzer’s Bar tells a historical tale that is inspired by current trends. It dares the capital to embrace the elegance, found in iconic hotel bars, on more familiar ground.

Pulitzer’s Bar cocktail menu

Time-honored drinks enter the modern age through a carefully crafted menu developed by cocktail connoisseur Andrew Nicholls. Drinks are classic in element and style, but modern in execution. Fourteen cocktails and three mocktails follow one consistent recipe: one part of the past, one part of the present, and one part of revolutionary technique. Innovative preparations and interactive elements add an unexpected dimension to classic drinks. For example, the Pineapple Old Fashioned, that will be served on a bed of straw to add another layer of aroma and texture to the drink. Forgotten drinks such as the Marguerite – predecessor of the Martini, the Sherry Cobbler – the Mojito of the 1850’s, and the Knickerbocker – interpreted as the first Tiki drink – are revolutionary in their ability to capture history.

The same level of creativity and quality will be applied to the mocktails. Pulitzer’s Bar turns old cocktail influences into modern mocktails with shrubs, syrups and techniques. Further in the menu, the Gin & Tonic has been reinvented. Both the gin and the tonic will be carbonated for the best distribution of gin aroma throughout the whole drink. Guests can choose their favorite garnish and along with a specially molded ice cube, a well-known classic will turn into something truly unique.

Pulitzer’s Bar interior

True to the concept, location and extensive drinks menu, the interior of Pulitzer’s Bar captures the accessible elegance of old school hotel bars in a monumental Amsterdam building. One could easily flee the bustle of the city, yet overlook its signature canals, in one of the comfortable armchairs around the fireplace or talk the night away at the impressive Art Deco style bar. The glamour of long lost times enters the modern day at Pulitzer’s Bar.

Pulitzer’s Bar serves its guests an experience beyond the content of the glass. Cocktail history continues in a new era at Pulitzer’s Bar.