Pulitzer’s Easter Egg Hunt at home

The Easter Bunny changed his mind, and instead of hopping through Pulitzer Amsterdam’s inner gardens, he has left his Easter eggs some places else… was it your backyard?

Yearly, children are invited to participate in Pulitzer’s Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday. Before the hunt kicks off, children can festively decorate their egg collecting bag, while feasting on some lemonade and cookies. Afterwards, they are welcome to the Pulitzer garden to find the missing Easter eggs, including several golden eggs with a special prize for the lucky finder.

Let’s get creative
Little Van Gogh’s in the making! Let the kids (or not only the kids!) decorate a basket with ribbons and bows or a cotton bag with color markers, paint and stickers. The bags can be used for egg collecting. Let’s go!

The hunt
If you are one of the lucky few with a garden, hide the Easter eggs in the grass, in plant pots or near the trees for the kids. Otherwise, inside will give you plenty of places to hide these chocolate treats as well (Have you searched in your sock drawer yet?). To give the hunt a twist, add a couple of large (or golden) eggs and attach a special prize to them: a chocolate bunny, an all-day PJ day or the right to decide what movie is on tonight. Who’s in for a rematch next year?

Easter Brunch
While the kids are busy hunting, you have some extra time to get ready for an extensive, colorful Easter brunch. Set the table with freshly baked bread and croissants, hard boiled eggs, a homemade cake and fresh fruit juices. Check out our recipes for the Pause Pancakes and Pulitzer Tosti to give your Easter brunch table an extra Pulitzer touch!

Happy Egg hunting!