Ronald McDonald Home Emma Amsterdam x Pulitzer Amsterdam

‘Keeping families close’, that’s the slogan of the Ronald McDonald House, a beautiful charity we proudly support. This charity allows parents including their other children, who are going through one of the most difficult periods of their life, to stay close to their sick child at the hospital. The Ronald McDonald House creates a home environment providing support and resources that keep families together all over the world.

Pulitzer makeover
Ronald McDonald House Emma Amsterdam, located next to the Amsterdam Medical Center, has many grateful guests. The involvement of staff members and the right care are ingredients that makes the house feel like their home away from home, something we aim for at Pulitzer Amsterdam as well. The rooms and facilities at the Ronald McDonald House Emma Amsterdam are getting outdated and are in need of some renovations. That is where the idea to adopt two rooms for a Pulitzer makeover came to life!

In a period of 8 weeks, a family room and a twin room were renovated thanks to hard work of Salverda and our own Engineering team. From bed- to bathroom, the rooms are provided with a Pulitzer Amsterdam look and feel. We are proud to share the results and hope that the transformed rooms can give a warm feeling to families who need it most.



Your stay at Pulitzer Amsterdam is good for you and others too. We donate 1 euro per night per room to one of two local charities: Johan Cruyff Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Emma Amsterdam. For more information, visit: