The design philosophy of Jacu

Jacu Strauss is the Creative Director of Pulitzer Amsterdam. Originally from South Africa, Jacu lived and studied in several countries across the globe. He started his architectural training in New Zealand before moving to London to continue his studies. Jacu worked as a Senior Designer at Tom Dixon’s interior and architecture division: Design Research Studio.

“The elegance of Amsterdam is being underrated. I love to immerse myself in the city and become inspired for the hotel. Pulitzer Amsterdam is the ideal starting point to discover the city. Every canal house has its own story, and I am extremely proud that they are letting me bring them to life.”


The new design is inspired by the history of the buildings and those who may have occupied them over the last 400 years. By imagining who may have once lived there in the past, different elements and features that tell a range of stories, will leave guests and visitors both inspired and intrigued. Pulitzer has become a collection of years of history.

“Working at Tom Dixon, I’ve learned that the most important thing is to research a project before you start and having an open mind, so that you can really develop a story.”


The overall design concept has improved the hotel as a whole yet at the same time highlights the uniqueness of each individual building. Part of Pulitzer’s charm is the existing character in each building, that will make a walk through the hotel a walk through history. Every room and corner of the hotel portrays hints of the past.

“In order to create something that is timeless, you have to understand the property, understand the contact, understand the surroundings, and understand the people you want to invite in, because that is the thing that will give it longevity.”


Jacu slept in each room of the hotel to get a sense of how he could combine the historical charm with modern elements. The result is eclectic yet elegant, showcasing original and historic features throughout all 25 canal houses.

“I think I have an eclectic style, I like to collect things and mix things up so if I have a signature style, that might be the one.”

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Source quotes: LXRY TV