The Pulitzer journey of porter Carlos

The 66-year-old porter Carlos Geraldes started his Pulitzer career 47 years ago as a part-timer in Housekeeping. At the end of May this year he will say goodbye to his beautiful job, leaving his second home behind with a backpack full of memories. We asked him to share his Pulitzer journey.

Where it all began
When he was a child, Carlos wanted to become a professional football player. Unfortunately, that did not work out. Another hobby back then, was watching movies or series set in a hotel on a black and white television at his parents’ house. He thought that the work of a porter was interesting, and he admired this profession.

The friendly colleagues made Carlos love the Pulitzer the most. He was welcomed with open arms when he started in Housekeeping. Carlos worked in the Housekeeping department until he was 21 years old and then became a porter. From 1990 to 2016 he was Head Porter. Throughout the years, he has seen the hotel change completely. Being a piece of the history of Pulitzer Amsterdam, he is proud to have experienced it all.

Fabulous experience in Pulitzer
The 5-year anniversary of the hotel was one of the days Carlos would always remember. They celebrated the lustrum at the home of the former Pulitzer Hotel Manager in 1978. He will never forget this; it was quite an experience for him. Furthermore, Carlos met many special people through his profession, such as: Tina Turner, Michael Jakson, Mick Jagger, Herman Brood, and Nina Hagen. These famous guests all came to stay.

Favorite spot
Carlos’ favorite spot in the hotel is the lobby. As a porter, he has the first and last contact with the guests in this area of the hotel. It is important for him that guests are welcomed with open arms and leave the hotel with a smile.

Supremely proud
Carlos is proud of what contributed to Pulitzer Amsterdam. For example, the parking lists. He is a perfectionist and was always working on new ideas to make it a better workplace for the porter team. All in all, Carlos is proud of the fact that he was able to make the parking list a workable one that is still in use today.

Second home
Carlos did not yet think about what he will do when he retires. The first thing the 65-year-old porter thought of was ‘’sleeping in”. It is not that he lacks sleep, but the idea that you can decide for yourself when you can get up, is a wonderful one. His working days were Monday to Friday, starting at 07.00 in the morning until 15.00 in the afternoon. Daily, he would get up at 5.00 AM.

All in all, Carlos is going to miss the guests the most. Being a storyteller at heart, he loves the chats with the guests every day at the front door or in the lobby. “The guests are the ones who appreciate you when they do not even know you” he told. Pulitzer does feel like a second home.