We didn’t tell you this

You do not necessarily need to be in trouble to disappear in style for a while. For the occasion, we brief you on Amsterdam’s best kept secrets for anything but an ordinary drink. Some call themselves speakeasy places, we think it is better to not speak about them at all. Just try to get in.

The Butcher Secret Kitchen

The Butcher Secret Kitchen

We’re sure you will adore their top notch burgers. But you’ll probably love their secret bar and restaurant even more. If you’re able to find out where and how to get there (think of their kitchen fridges), you’ll be surprised by their beautiful dishes and amazing cocktails.

Door 74

Door 74

Find the black door on number 74 and enjoy Esquire’s best cocktail bar of the country, no. 26 in the world. Their great music, outstanding mixologists and relaxed vibe has never disappointed anyone in disguise. Although these are the days of the sharing economy, you’d better keep this treasure for yourself.

HPS (Hiding in Plain Sight)


It’s worth checking in advance if there’s live music. If so, you’ll probably have the best Amsterdam night out ahead of you. We didn’t expect such a gem of a bar on this spot. What’s in a name, this fantastic bar couldn’t be better.

Pulitzer’s Bar

Pulitzer's Bar

We couldn’t leave to praise our own timeless classic here. Pulitzer’s bar reopens mid-January with the same good old feel and a sparkling new concept. Make sure you know where to find it once the sumptuous canal mansion reopens. Enjoy an immaculately mixed drink in style somewhere along the canal, anywhere in Pulitzer’s urban resort.

Oh, and since you love secrets: ‘EXCLUSIVE’ is a 20% discount promotion code for your next stay in the city. Just don’t tell anyone you’re staying at the Pulitzer.