What is the deal with five-star beds?

Most of us define a night in a five-star hotel bed as the ultimate sleep experience. A bed so comfy, you do not want to get out of it. So, what is the secret? The truth is, it is not just the sheets or the mattress. Each layer of these hotel beds is bigger, softer, and more memorable. If you want to create this magical night of sleep at home, keep on reading.

Oversize the bed
The first thing that stands out in luxury hotel rooms is the bed. Poof, there it is, a super king-size bed with an extra thick mattress of 30 cm or even more. On top of these mattresses, you will find a super-soft featherbed as an extra layer of cushioning comfort. The duvet is extra wide and to complete the experience there is an astounding number of pillows for an ultra-sumptuous result.

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Why sleep when you can float
Did you ever hear someone say, “this bed is too fluffy”? A high-quality mattress in your hotel room is essential for a good night of sleep, but even the best mattresses can be upgraded. To make your sleeping experience even more memorable, a featherbed can be added as the cherry on top of a dessert and will create the authentic hotel bed experience.

Heavenly white crispy sheets
Nothing feels more like a hotel room than freshly washed cotton sheets, made up by housekeeping with perfection, leaving you a little turn-down sweet. This is so easy to re-create in your own bedroom. Treat yourself with 100% cotton sheets with a percale weave and high thread count which create the crispy, soft, and subtle feel.

If you aim for the moon, go for the heavenly white Pulitzer Egyptian Cotton sheets by DOUXE. The satin weave creates a silky-smooth feel that oozes five-star luxury.

Fluffy down
For that ultra-plush, truly heavenly hotel bed feel, it is all about an extra fluffy down duvet. 100% down duvets are airy and light but keep you comfortably warm. Look for an insert that is 2 inches wider and longer than your duvet cover for an ultra-luxurious result.

The Pillow Menu please
Less is more, but not for pillows. Your hotel bed will be equipped with two to four down pillows, two fiber pillows, and two body or reading pillows for plenty of options. But it doesn’t stop there. Hotel pillows are wider, with 90cm or even 100cm being the standard. These pillows do not only look better, they are more luxurious as they cover the entire width of the bed.

Finish off in style and choose for the eclectic yellow Pulitzer plaid, the beautiful scented Le Labo 33 candle, or the fluffy Pulitzer slippers.

DOUXE Hotel Luxury is the place where everyone can re-create that five-star hotel luxury at home with genuine care and personalized advice for the ultimate comfort and night of sleep.



(Image by DOUXE Hotel Luxury)