Your Guide to Amsterdam Pride

Pride Amsterdam
In only a few weeks’ time, Amsterdam will turn all colors of the rainbow for Pride Amsterdam. From the 28th of July until the 5th of August, numerous events and parties will be hosted all over town to celebrate LGBTI identities, history and achievements.

The first edition of Pride Amsterdam was held in 1996 and has, today, grown into a nine-day festival. Pride Amsterdam actually belongs to one of the biggest celebrations worldwide and has one of the most diverse offerings. From dance parties to film festivals and from sport events to debates.

The absolute highlight has got to be the Canal Parade on the Prinsengracht though – the crème de la crème of all Pride Amsterdam festivities. This quirky boat parade features approximately 80 lavishly decorated barges with onboard DJ’s and unforgettable themes & entertainment. You’ll have to secure your spot along the Prinsengracht canal early though – if you want to get a glimpse of this colorful spectacle at least.

Find out about all that’s happening in the city during Pride on the website of Pride Amsterdam.

Be a hero!
The theme of this year is “heroes”. Because we all know one, right? Someone who takes the lead and stands for something; someone who is committed to human rights. Let’s celebrate those heroes this year!

Dress code?
It’s almost impossible to stand out during Pride, so don’t hold back!

Pulitzer Pride
Looking for the best spot admire the Canal Parade? Then you might want to check out the Pulitzer Pride VIP Deck.  Pulitzer Amsterdam is offering the unique chance to admire the fabulously decorated boats from a 30-meter pontoon, right on the Prinsengracht canal – entertainment, drinks & bites included. No need to barge your way through the crowds to catch half a glimpse of the parade – the Pulitzer Pride VIP Deck boasts one of the best views in town!
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